4 Ways Your Business Can Get Started on Instagram

Are you wondering how to use Instagram for business? Have you looked over how others are using it? With the best tactics, Instagram can assist you to build awareness, boost engagement, and drive foot traffic to your business. In this informative article you’ll discover four ways you should use Instagram to advertise your products and services.

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#1: Increase Web Traffic Having an Instagram Contest
Instagram contests enable you to showcase your products, attract leads, and grow your followers all at the same time. Plus, contests are just plain fun.

Framebridge held an Instagram giveaway contest that offered an opportunity to win a floral painting by one of their spotlight artists. Framebridge used their contest to operate a vehicle traffic back to the blog.

You can adopt this tactic for your own personel business by announcing your contest on Instagram and sending Instagram users to your online store’s blog for an opportunity to win.

If you intend to run an Instagram contest for your company, you can just provide a free product to celebrate a certain company milestone. If the milestone is Instagram-related, all the higher! You’ll promote customer loyalty and gain free publicity when fans tag their friends.

#2: Inform Your Story With Video
Video can complement the photos in your Instagram account by telling stories through moving animation. According to a Vidyard report, 71% of marketers say video conversion rates outperform other types of marketing content.

Instagram allows you to record videos that are between 3 and 15 seconds long, which can be plenty of time and energy to grab the attention of your prospects and customers. Plus, adding several videos to your Instagram stream can provide some variety in your imagery.

French retailer L’Occitane successfully complements their Instagram images with short videos. The video above shows a flower slowly opening until it presumably releases its wonderful fragrance, which ties in with their cosmetic products.

You can record your own personal short Instagram video to complement the images you post. Simply tap the middle icon in the row of icons at the end of the Instagram app. This opens up your photo and video capabilities. Once open, tap on the Video tab and click the red button to start recording your clip.

#3: Jumpstart Interest With Instagram Ads
You see sponsored ads from businesses all over Instagram. They permit you to put your products or services facing the particular audience you intend to reach. In other words, you are able to target a person demographic beyond just your overall instagram viewer followers.

When you use Instagram ads to show your products in action, you help viewers understand how they are able to use your products. This is actually the same concept utilized by ecommerce stores when they show high-quality images of people using their products to provide customers an expression of what they’re buying.

Notepad+, a productivity app optimized for the iPad Pro, uses Instagram sponsored ads to advertise the app. The centerpiece of this ad is a photo of the app on a real iPad Pro. Thus giving customers and prospects an immediate visual sense of the app’s interface in use.

The good thing is that businesses of most sizes is now able to create and run Instagram ads. All that’s necessary to start is a Facebook page. Then during the ad setup process, you’ll set a budget for the ad, select a target market, and create the ad content. For a step-by-step walkthrough, take a look at this informative article about how precisely to produce an Instagram ad with Facebook Ads Manager.

#4: Drive Foot Traffic With Appealing Photos
Instagram users react to beautiful, captivating, and creative photos. Strong images can assist you to boost engagement, and if you’re a nearby business, they are able to drive customers to your location. In your Instagram account, you intend to post photos that show your products in perfect light.

German restaurant Muse Berlin has grown its local customer base through Instagram by posting photos of its delectable dishes. Patrons see an appetizing dish on the restaurant’s Instagram feed and then come in and order it in the restaurant. Signature menu items make exceptional pictures because people eat making use of their eyes, all things considered!

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